I knew this was coming. I believe there’s no sense in “I told you so’s” however I am pretty impressed with myself. Namely, I believe it’s pretty neat that I believe my guy plus I believe myself at this point. After a few years together, I can figure him out without saying a word. It all started this morning when I woke up repeatedly instead of getting my final minutes of rest. I thought it was unusual that I had kicked most of the blankets off of my side of the bed – or maybe my guy had taken them purposefully over to his? Either way, I got up feeling disgruntled in addition to unrested, but noticed that the air temperature was surprisingly warm for being a cold fall morning outside. I thought the two of us must have left the thermostat adjusted to the morning time temperature control setting when the two of us went to bed, briefly lectured myself for wasting that energy on running the oil furnace all night, in addition to then secretly praised myself for the warm air temperature welcoming myself and others straight out of bed. When my guy began to wake up, he kept complaining that he couldn’t’ get out of bed because it was too cold to get up. That’s when I stopped tuning out his whining in addition to did a double take – did you just say it’s too cold? He’s never cold; I’m the cold 1 in this relationship, he is always warm. This morning everything was upside down in addition to inside out. Nothing about these temperature perceptions made sense. “We’re both getting sick” I told him definitively. He brushed my comment away in addition to begged myself and others to turn off the fan so he could get out bed. Within 10 minutes, both of us were back in bed, sick.

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