I couldn’t believe it – I stood at a cliff’s edge, staring off into the serene blue-green ocean that extended for miles beyond what my vision allowed me to see. Above me was an overcast sky, with fragments of sunlight piercing through the cloth-like clouds like a patched tent offering shade to the inhabitants within. It was a beautiful sight to see – which made my return back to my hotel all the more disruptive. Let me explain: I’d been backpacking for some time around the country, and it was mostly to ensure I could learn the value of literally hiking to places I can’t reach by vehicle. Doing this has taught me patience beyond words, but it’s also given me an inability to tolerate inconveniences when I need them the most! See, this cliff was on the western side of the country, which at the time was enduring a pretty intense cold front. If you’ve never been at the seashore on a cold winter’s day, don’t do it – not unless you love pain! While I loved the view, the intense chills from being in such a cold environment left me yearning for the warmth provided by the furnace at my hotel where I was staying for the evening. I took a cab back to the hotel, and had to endure a thirty-minute ride with no heating system in the car. Trying to remain optimistic, I ignored the lack of heating and poor indoor air quality as I knew my hotel would surely be warmer. Imagine how frustrated I was when I walked into the hotel, only to find it was just as cold! Apparently, there was a power outage due to everyone in the city sapping power to run their heating systems and furnaces at max capacity. The power had just come back on, but the hotel – and my room – wouldn’t feel warm from the furnace for hours. I was furious, to say the least! Defeated, I went to the bar to drink, knowing that if I were intoxicated I would at least feel warm.

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