I work in a restaurant as a cook. It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but I enjoy making people happy with great tasting dishes. The hours are preferable to me as well. My work schedule gives me the morning and afternoon to relax and take care of the things I couldn’t with other jobs. It’s pretty easy too because I get along with the staff so well. We all get the job done, and we have a good time too. Being as we are a finer restaurant in town, it’s also a great perk when we get to take home some food with us. However, there was one week that wasn’t as enjoyable because the air conditioner had to be shut off in the kitchen area. It is somewhat of a cramped space, and, without any kind of air conditioner, the temperature can easily get over 100 degrees. We all thought our boss was getting cheap on us to save on the energy bill. We supposed he figured that, with cutting our AC usage down, he could make more money. However it turned out that the system was breaking down. Until he was able to get a service technician to fix the issues with the HVAC equipment, he had to limit how much it was running. He realized he might have to shut the whole restaurant down if he couldn’t provide air conditioning for the customers. In the end, we all understood, and we just hoped whoever was supposed to fix the HVAC equipment would get the job done as quickly as possible.

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