Last week, my partner and I were looking for a wonderful dehumidifier for our home.  The two of us were so fatigued of needing to drag out the aged dehumidifier and try to empty the water tank, without spilling the water all over the floor.  It was such a pain, and it was messy too. The two of us were hoping to find a dehumidifier that every one of us could just location a hose outside and hopefully the water would all go onto the ground and not on my hardwood floors.  I ended up calling the HVAC supplier to get their input on our dehumidification problem. He asked us how aged our cooling system was. The two of us told him every one of us still used window air conditioner because of the lack of ductwork.  He smiled and he said he had the perfect thing for us. The two of us had told him every one of us were looking for a current cooling system for the residing room. He suggested a current model that he had just got into the showroom. It was smart and compact.  The A/C equipment was only half the size of our cumbersome, heavy aged A/C unit. He told us that this Ac equipment was complete with a dehumidifier and an air cleaner. He showed us the stats on the current A/C equipment and my partner was impressed. For a window A/C unit, it had a SEER, or energy efficiency rating of 15.  This was really wonderful for a window cooling system. The A/C equipment was also heavy enough to cool our entire downstairs and it was less than half of what every one of us had paid for the unit. He told us that he would even take our aged equipment in for trade, whenever every one of us were ready to area with it.

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