I rarely enjoy myself when I go clothes shopping with my girlfriend. Usually, I have to be her personal coat rack, and her personal bank! I’ll have to stand outside of a changing room for hours on end as she tries on dozens of outfits, and I’m always bored out of my mind. The worst is if we go into this one department store at the mall, where they have terrible A/C all year long! It’s like this one store decided to be a rebel, and while the rest of the mall stays fairly chilly and pleasant, this store is always stuffy and hot. To make things worse, the store is right outside of this piano repair place. Every time I’ve gone in there, the owner lets me play the pianos in the shop while I wait for my girlfriend to finish her shopping run. I wish my girlfriend didn’t mind it so much when I disappeared from her sight! This most recent shopping run was the most exhausting one yet, as I had to deal with my girlfriend and two of her lady friends, as they talked and gossiped about things I couldn’t care less about! Between the meaningless conversation, the stale hot air of the shop and my girlfriend neglecting to think of me, I had enough. I split off from the group and went straight to the piano repair shop, where I saw the owner who waved for me to come in. We talked about how things were at the store, as he listened to me play some classical pieces on command. His store was always kept cool, as if it had its own excellent air conditioning system! When I left the store, I had several angry text messages from my girlfriend, who was upset that I disappeared. Whatever – I was the one who drove, so it wasn’t like she would leave me behind!

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