Summer is our busy season. We have double the number of buyers during those three weeks than all of us do the rest of the year. It’s that way in most nail salons. Everyone wants pedicures because they’re wearing sandals. We get a lot of sitting waxing appointments on the reservation book because swimsuits don’t cover much anymore. There’s also a lot of summer time birthdays and that means manicures for the guys and glamour nails for the women. The summer time season is when all of us make the money that carries us during the slower times after the holidays. It’s also an chance to impress all those current buyers and turn them into regulars. So, I like everything in the nail salon to be perfect with a high level of comfort and pampering. That’s why I panicked when the air conditioning went haywire last week. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong, only that there was no frosty air coming out of the air conditioning. Customers walked out after just a few hours, complaining about the heat. I got the Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier that installed the heating and cooling method on the iPhone. She said if the air conditioning is running but not cooling the space, I should check the coils for ice formations. I took a look and sure enough there was ice buildup. She told me to turn off the thermostat and let it run on the fan setting to allow the ice to melt by the time she got there. When the Heating, Ventilation and A/C woman arrived, she found that the evaporator was dirty and the air conditioning filter needed to be updated, luckily the air conditioning repair work only took a couple of hours and all of us were able to get back to making money.

HVAC maintenance plan