When my husband and I built a new home, we each had different priorities.  My husband was concerned over the size of the garage and style of the roof.  I was focused on the size of the kitchen, closets and bathrooms. We consulted with our general contractor who pointed out the importance of the HVAC system.  He mentioned that everything from the design of the heating/cooling equipment and ductwork to the location of the thermostat would impact our comfort, monthly costs, and even the health of the home.  He also recommended that we deal with a licensed HVAC professional who would be knowledgeable in the proper sizing and installation of the equipment. My husband and I were rather surprised by the many decisions we needed to make.  There are a wide variety of options for heating and cooling on the current market. We looked into boilers, heat pumps, forced air furnaces, central cooling and even ductless models. We eventually decided on a forced air gas furnace and central cooling which would utilize a duct system.  The HVAC professional designed and constructed the duct system and took care of the installation and sealing the seams. He made sure that all of the registers and vents were located to optimize airflow, comfort and efficiency. The HVAC contractor also worked closely with the general contractor to avoid delays and ensure seamless completion. My husband and I are extremely happy with features and performance of our heating and cooling system.  We enjoy very evenly distributed temperature throughout the year, and our costs are not overly expensive.

HVAC installer