Hanging out on my back porch on a sunny afternoon in June, I noticed some bees flying by.  At first I was convinced that they every one of us just attracted to a big flowering bush in the garden.  Then, I kept noticing them navigating around the same location by my siding. I eventually headed over to investigate.  As I got closer, I saw there was a line of brown stuff trickling down the side of the house. The bees were heading in and out on a continual basis.  I figured out that the bees had found a way to construct a hive beneath the siding. I had no clue how to get rid of them on my own. I looked through the yellow pages for local exterminators.  I wasn’t planning to kill the bees because they are so beneficial to the flowers in the garden. However, I certainly didn’t want a bunch of bees residing in my house. Most of the exterminators provided nothing beyond killing pests.  After some PC calls, I got the name of a bee handler who offered to come and safely move them. I wanted to be sure that the bees were relocated to a locale where they would continue to thrive. The person who came out said there was a big parcel of land available with loads of trees.  The trees were able to accommodate the hive and allow the colonies to expand naturally! There was a economical fee for the removal. I felt it was totally cost-effective because my house was no longer under attack from the bees. I felt relieved that the bees were gone but had not been harmed. 

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