I got to the point where I almost hated my brother.  I was so envious of all of the modern things he had in his house.  I knew that he and his wife worked hard for everything they had, but so did I.  I wanted all of the modern heating and air conditioning systems that they had. They knew I had always talked about radiant heated flooring.  I hated getting my feet cold every morning when I stepped out onto a cold floor. I hated getting out of the shower, just to feel my feet instantly start to freeze.  Did my brother take that into consideration when he had radiant heating installed in his house? No, he did not. He even invited me over to his house, to show me and let me experience his radiant heating.  I think he just wanted to rub my nose in the fact that he had and I did not. Well, I decided to show him that I could have radiant heating also. I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it, either. I went out and I bought several small electric heaters.  I also bought some of those small timers like you put on Christmas lights. I plugged all of the heaters into a timer and set the timers for right before I had to get up in the morning. The heaters were placed around my bedroom and the bathroom, so they completely covered the entire floor with heat.  It felt so good to have warm feet in the morning. I can honestly say that my radiant heating was a lot cheaper than his was.

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