I grew up in the deep south, where the temperature never dropped below sixty degrees.  Even in the middle of winter, all of us periodically needed to run the cooling system. We had no heating system, never dealt with snow, & I was accustomed to the humidity.  After school, when I accepted a task up along the northern border of the country, I had no system what I was getting into. I thought the change of seasons would be a refreshing change.  I looked forward to a pale white Christmas, sledding, snowmobiling & learning to ski. I moved in the fall, & as I drove north, I felt the temperature drop. By the time I pulled into the driveway of my new home, I was running the gas furnace in the car & shivering.  The first thing I did when I entered the home was locate the thermostat & turn it up. I then went out & bought jackets, boots, gloves & a warmer coat. I didn’t realize that the fall weather was considered mild by the locals. The Winter time weather was pure torture.  The temperature dropped down to 26 degrees below zero & the wind chill made it know even colder. I was forced to invest in a snow shovel, ice scraper & rock salt. I distraught about frostbite just from getting the mail. I spent minutes every afternoon, shoveling the driveway & brushing snow off the car before leaving for work, and just buying groceries in such horrible conditions was an ordeal.  I only left the home for work & essentials. I wanted to remain close to the gas furnace, & often sat directly in front of the heating vents. I had no interest in skiing, sledding or doing anything in the snow. I couldn’t afford any of these activities anyway, because I spent most of my money on weekly utility bills.

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