My partner and I are big fans of technology. Both of us are regularly “keeping up with the Joneses” and looking for the most recent edition of technology. We’re always getting the latest and greatest smartphones, gadgets, and the like. Some might consider it a pitfall to be so interested in technology, however, we find it a strength because we’re on the cutting edge of technology. Both of us think it’s important to be in the loop with the cool new features all of us can do with technology. Our new smartphones can even unlock with just a scan or our facial features, even though we change our look from time to time.  We’ll be installing smart thermostats in our loft next month. We’re so happy about it and can’t wait to try it out. There has been too many times where we’ve forgotten to turn off the heating or a/c in our loft before leaving the house. With how extreme the temperatures can be during the entire year, the utility bills can be quite steep. The benefit will be that the heating and cooling can be adjusted wherever we are, regardless if we’re near the house or not. If we’re heading home on a very warm afternoon, I’ll simply find my phone and turn on the a/c on the way home. Then when I get there, the temperature will be quite comfortable when I walk in the door. The same could be done on the cold afternoons with the heating.  Technology is amazing, and we’re going to stay right on the edge of improvements, even with our heating and cooling system.

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