My biggest fear is losing my home to a fire. I just guess care about I would never “be the same” if that makes any sense, after losing all of my memories, my apartment I worked so hard for, & my possessions. I would lose so many photos, or drawings, all things that I couldn’t replace, ever; Yes, they are materialistic things, but I still wouldn’t have any more memories in person, just what was left in my head. Unfortunately, about several weeks ago, I almost did lose my home to a fire. Both of us had been living in this home for multiple years, accumulated a lot of stuff, but actually didn’t take care of the heat & cooling proposal care about both of us should’ve, or any other service for that matter. One day when I came apartment from walking the dog, I noticed the living room looked awfully smoky; I thought I had maybe left a burner on or something in the oven, but once I maintained & saw nothing, I knew it had to be more serious. Once firefighters & EMS all came to check it out, both of us had oddly enough tied up a service appointment for our heating & cooling system, which I forgot to cancel in all the hubbub of everything going on. Since the Heating, Ventilation & A/C serviceman was there, the firefighter asked him if he’d still do the cleaning/inspection & see if there was any place internally the fire could’ve started from – sure enough, our ducts were filthy! It was almost care about the lint from your dryer vent, only 790 times worse. There was so much dust & debris in our ducts that it caused a fire in our ducts that was moving out towards our actual apartment had I not noticed it when I did, & thankfully our Heating, Ventilation & A/C appointment was tied up when it was & I didn’t cancel it care about I normally do.

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