I was struggling with bad air quality and odors in my new apartment for weeks, but nothing I tried worked. When I finally called my landlord, because I had had enough of buying air fresheners to improve the indoor air quality that weren’t effective, he admitted to me that the apartment I was in had previously been rented by a smoker, and while the whole apartment had been thoroughly scrubbed the scent had been absorbed into the ceiling and walls. That explained why I was having so much trouble with the smell, and why it had been giving me breathing problems. He promised to send some guys over to scrub things down once more and put on a new coat of paint to seal any lingering odors away. He kept his word and the walls were repainted, but then I was stuck with the new scent of fresh paint that permeated throughout the entire apartment and made me nauseous. I had always been sensitive to smells and the poor air quality in the apartment made it impossible for me to stay there without feeling sick. I called my mom to ask for advice on what to do, and she suggested I get an air purifier to help out. She commented on how I was finicky even as a child, and she had set up an air purification system in my nursery when I was a baby to help calm me down. Since she had had experience picking out an air purifier in the past, she went with me to select one for my apartment. It has done wonders for my apartment’s air quality sense, filtering out both the bad smell and other pollutants in the air. It feels so nice to be able to breathe freely in my own home at long last.

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