Setting up heated floors is actually really hard. My brother Bobby and I thought we could set it up in a day. We should have really researched the heating installation more. First, you need to rip up all the existing tile and flooring. Then, once the flooring is totally mucked out, you add the heated floors. The heated floors are either electric heated mats or piping hooked to a boiler system. The hydronic heating method would have been way harder to set up. Bobby and I did the easier electric heated floors. Well, it was still not easy. The electric lines were hard to set up right on top of each other. It took us many days to do this portion of the project. Ripping the flooring took all day. The next day was dedicated to the actual heating installation. That took multiple days. We could have cut our time in half, but I did not want to mess anything up. A heating system is a huge investment. I did not want to have an area that did not get any heated mats. I also did not want to have gaps in between each piece. Bobby and I did a good job, but it took weeks, not days. Then, setting new flooring over top was horrible. Ripping up a floor is easier than redoing a floor. That took days as well. The whole project was expensive and almost a month of solid work. If I ever had to do this again, I would just hire a professional HVAC technician to do this heating installation.

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