Honestly, I’m not a very big fan of the summer months. Most people are always talking about how they can’t wait for things to warm up. Sure, I don’t mind it being warmer, but I can’t stand it when it’s scorching hot outside. The worst part is that terrible humidity as well as all the bugs. I hate spiders, I hate mosquitoes, I hate ants, just all of those creepy crawling things! I remember this one time my cat got a bunch of fleas. I was shocked because he always wears a flea collar. I figured out that those flea collars don’t really last that long and are not the most effective flea treatment. I had to fog my whole house to kill all the fleas. I vacuumed like crazy and made sure there was not a single flea left alive in my place. A buddy actually told me a good treatment to use to prevent fleas so I have been using that. So now all I have to worry about is the extreme heat which luckily I have my HVAC system for. Always in the spring season, I remember to get my HVAC system tune-up so that I know my air conditioning will be working great throughout the warm season. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my cooling system. I think I would definitely move to a much cooler climate if I had to deal with the heat without a proper cooling system. My friend was also telling me I should think about getting on an HVAC system maintenance plan. I’m not a big fan of signing up with things, so that’s something I will have to think about.

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