Winter time is on its way! The temperatures are cooling down, the weather is changing, & it is beginning to snow. Living in the north can be appealing & yet it can be deadly. When living up north it is imperative to have a actually working Air Conditioner & Heater plan especially for the elderly or disabled. Temperatures can drop into frosty during the Winter time & living conditions can become quite bleak. When living in the south winters don’t entirely get below 40 degrees however up north Winter time temperatures can drop much lower & can cause a lot of complications for those not staying in heated homes. Many times the elderly & disabled do not have the ability to tranathletic interest around or go to another locale that is warmer & that can be quite frightening. It is important for those in that situation to get their Heating & Air Conditioning machine maintained & maintained before the colder weather sets in. Call your local Air Conditioning & Heating contractor to schedule an appointment for an a/c worker to come to your apartment & make sure everything is running consistently regarding your heater. If your oil furnace has been maintained & maintained through the year then this checkup won’t take long & you will be all set for the rest of the winter. Then in the Spring it is important to have that same contractor send another a/c tech out to make sure the Air Conditioner & Heater is actually working consistently, especially if you live in the south, but being elderly & disabled & having a actually working Air Conditioning & Heating during the summer time in the south is as imperative as having heat in the Winter time up north.

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