The first time I drove a car by myself was such a rush. I didn’t drive too much over the speed limit initially, although but it was faster than I had driven during my road test. It was never dangerous speeds but enough to get me excited and wanting to see how fast I could go! The thrill of driving fast is just something that I immediately fell for. I suppose they call it the need for speed. All through the summer, I drove nearly every afternoon. Actually, I drove as much as my gas money would allow me to get around. Then it started getting colder and colder as the year progressed. I didn’t think much of it as my car heating system worked pretty well and it didn’t make much of an impact in the gas consumption, either. Then the snow started falling and I really found out how dangerous cars can be. It scared myself and my friends I was driving half to death and I drove slower, safely, and carefully the rest of the drive. A few weeks later I experienced the worst situation: my car heating system completely stopped! Of course it was right when the snow was due to be coming down in record breaking rates. I didn’t think much of it at first.  When I had to go out in the weather with no heat and crappy tires I realized how dangerous no heating system in a car could be! My hands and feet were freezing in my wool gloves and socks. It was awful. I was so thankful my mom had me pack the emergency kit with extra food, bandaids, and a blanket. I drove with that blanket wrapped around me the rest of the drive.

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