My kitchen is the part of my house I have been neglecting for the last two years. See, there is an area here I need to fix that I’ve just never gotten around to. I swear it’s not my fault, I just can’t find anything that really works, and I never have much time to shop for it either. I am a single mother of twins. While I love them dearly, they are not easy to wrangle at a massive furniture store. The few times I can manage to get everyone out of the house and somewhat in line, they never have what I want anyway! My kitchen doesn’t have a traditional dining set; its a quirky little home that has what my kids call a breakfast nook. I figured out from online research that it’s actually called a banquette, and ours is built into the house. I was hoping to get it replaced with something a little less dated, but nothing fits the space! Finally, I took the advice of one of my girlfriends and made an appointment at our local custom built furniture store. She was even kind enough to watch the twins while I went. Not only did they actually know what I wanted, but they were able to help me remake the banquette into a design that suited my tastes more. This new style will totally brighten up the kitchen! They will create a new custom wooden table, as well as craft an entire new banquette seating set. Once it’s done, they’re also going to take out the old banquette and install this one for me. They are really taking care of the whole process for me, so I don’t have to do a thing. It’s a single parent’s dream come true!