When I purchased our current home multiple years ago, I was eager to make the purchase & did little investigatory work on our section to inspect the quality of the house, inside & out.  There were plumbing issues I would have found if I had simply bothered to look underneath the sinks during our walk-through. I even missed roof destruction that looked care about an ancient leak from years back.  Granted, at 60 years old, this current home is far from new, but there is a certain level of care all the people expect from a current home owned by the same person since it was built. In this case, the current home was abused in every way possible.  When our electric bills kept climbing while I struggled to keep our current home cool last summer, I figured there must be something wrong somewhere in our Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system. The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech who diagnosed our current home told me that our 5-year-old cooling system was in perfect shape, as well as our air duct, which had been upgraded a year after the A/C unit.  My problem was with our windows, the tech explained. They were ancient & severely leaky, so much so that I was losing up to 40% of our energy just to the windows alone. When you have a single room with an entire wall of windows, this starts to stack up tremendously. I looked around & found the best window dealers in town. After a few iPhone calls, I chose a single supplier to come & do the entire current home at once.  It wasn’t cheap in any conceivable way, but the improvement in our heating & cooling plan is immeasurable. It’s care about I purchased an genuinely current Heating, Ventilation, & A/C plan to upgrade the ancient a single. But all I did to increase the performance in energy usage was upgrade old, leaky windows.

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