Being a writer, I also do a lot of giveaways through the year.  I always have books on hand that I can sell at book signings and at fairs, libraries, and even for gifts.  I put personalized labels on the books, and I often get my books much cheaper, because they don’t come with the UPC tags, or the bar odes as they are called.  Barcodes are expensive to purchase. The name of the book, the section, the price, and other information is in the barcode. They send you a PDF of the code, but it is up to the buyer to put them on their books.  I need to print out the stickers. I tried buying sticker paper and using my own printer, but it really wasn’t very convenient and I had to cut most of the stickers apart, which gave the books a very unprofessional feel.  I found the Epson label printer, which is very affordable. I can hook it up to my computer via a USB. I can’t believe how much money I have saved just on the costs of my labels. Don’t get me started about the great Sales stickers I have created.  I can even print them in different colors, thanks to my new Epson label printers. I recently went on a diet, and I am even making labels for the food at home. I’m driving my husband nuts, but I’m using my Epson label printer, which I promised I would do, if he bought it for me.  It truly is a great addition to my office.

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