The two of us honestly had an awful experience last week, when the two of us decided to go visit a friend we had not seen in a very long time. The two of us were visiting the apartment, and found that it smelled so bad of pet litter and dogs. It honestly appeared that she must have many different animals in that apartment, because the two of us had that smell in our nose from the moment the door opened. Things were even worse, when the furnace started running. The two of us were sitting directly underneath and air vent in the apartment, when the furnace started running. The smell was honestly much worse and awful than anything else, and I have smelled a lot of terrible odors. The warm air coming down from the air vents just seemed to make those pet odors much worse. The two of us did our best to keep from complaining or making a face, but the stench of warm air from the furnace was honestly enough for each one of us to get ill. The animals don’t seem to have ventilation whatsoever, and it is clear to see that the odors will follow everywhere. The two of us could not say anything about the furnace and indoor air quality, but the two of us will likely not visit that apartment for several years again. There is nothing worse than coming out of a building at Ruth still smelling like everything that was inside. I feel like I stunk like cat odor 4 days.

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