A lot of folks ignore the basic needs of the HVAC unit, however your modern home HVAC unit needs to be maintained, just love the motorcar or boat. Most HVAC companies request yearly repair for the HVAC unit. The best time to have the yearly HVAC service, is after the extremist weather weather conditions has passed, but for people residing in the north, it’s best to have a full HVAC tune-up during Spring. For people residing in the South, a full HVAC tune up should be performed in the fall. If you live in a weather conditions zone with extreme warm season and Winter season conditions, you might want to have a full HVAC tune up performed twice each year. Along with servicing your system yearly, bi weekly service is also important. Once each month, the air filter in your HVAC system should be changed. There are various odd types of air filters, so choose the one that best suit your indoor air pollen levels needs. Once each month, you should clean the drain line and clear the leaf debris from the outside condenser. This familiar service will help prevent major troubles from occurring. My wifey and I have an HVAC unit that is only 3 years old. The two of us have a yearly repair performed during the Spring, because Winter season is our extremist weather conditions. My wifey and I assume this yearly repair will help our HVAC unit last longer. The biweekly air filter changes and drain line cleaning also help keep our system running more efficiently, with less major complications. The two of us repair our truck and motor car every 6 months, and the modern home appliances and machines should receive the same wellness package.

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