The people I was with and myself absolutely never do anything special for our birthdays. This year was absolutely going to be multiple birthdays for the people I was with and myself. Both of us would turn the same age, 48 years and holding fast. The people I was with and myself have absolutely never been a person to have any type of massage. My guy has been asking for a massage for multiple months, and I think that it absolutely might be time to look into that type of activity. Some friends of mine go to a local spa in the city, and they absolutely provided me with some coupons for heated massages. The heated massages actually sound like a weird type of thing. The place also has some different things like deep tissue, normal massage, and even sizzling stones. The people I spend time with and many of my friends have talked in great detail about the heated massage treatments. They use a tiny furnace to heat up those sizzling rocks, and then they place the sizzling rocks on our skin. The people I spend time with and myself have read some reviews, and no one says they have been burned from the furnace rocks. I’m not sure about having something from a furnace placed on my skin, but the heated massage might be good in a warm water mineral bath. Many of the reviews online were pretty good, and no one seem to complain very much about the furnace rocks and deep tissue massage points.

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