In our little city, there have been multitudes of new restaurants opening. Because the two of us have a big college in our little city, multiple of the suppliers cater to the students, which is no fun at all to me. However, every once in a while, a place opens that is clearly seeking the patronage of correct grownups, however one such restaurant is The Edison. It is quite appealing & overlooks a lake in a recently-built town park. For our birthday, our child & his bestie took myself and others there for dinner, & it was nice. They have more than one occasions for seating – either indoor or outdoor. I prefer to rest outdoors if it isn’t too hot, & since I am a Winter time baby, being seated on the porch seemed perfect. That is, until the two of us absolutely sat out there for a while. It was so cold! I asked the wait staff if the two of us could transfer inside, but there were no empty tables. Then, before I could bat an eye, there were multiple servers rolling out these portable heaters. These quaint looking gas heating systems were placed strategically around the dining porch, & the heating systems made the place even more appealing & just warm enough. Up until that time, I did not even realize there was such a thing as an outdoor portable heater, even though I sure am blissful I l acquired about them that night. If it hadn’t been for those heaters, the dinner would have been just miserable. The food was good, the repair was good, & the heating systems made it all even better!

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