Right after our partner, Mike and I got married, the two of us started looking for a house to buy.  Although the two of us didn’t want to waste money on rent, the two of us had a certainly limited budget.  Both of us found an seriously small house on a nice plot of land that the two of us could afford. Mike and I were enthusiastic with our little house.  I could scrub the entire locale, from top to bottom, in under an hour. It cost us certainly little for household upkeep and in utility bills. A small heating and cooling system managed to maintain perfect temperature, and used certainly little energy.  In the last 6 years, we’ve added many children and two big dogs to our family, and our house became seriously cramped. Both of us built a big addition on the house, and struggled to figure out how to heat and cool the new space. Both of us knew our existing furnace and air conditioner couldn’t handle the extra workload.  Plus, the two of us didn’t want to sacrifice so much section to air duct. Both of us started looking for a compact, energy efficient, and high-priced means of temperature control. A local Heating as well as Air Conditioning business advocated a ductless heat pump, which combines heating and cooling into a single system. The system is comprised of an outdoor compressor linked to several indoor air handlers by conduit.  It required little more than a small hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity. The air handlers are lightweight, with a tight profile and mounted high up on the wall in the separate rooms, allowing zoned heating and cooling. Despite the small size, the ductless heat pump is quite powerful, attractively quiet and super energy efficient.

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