I am a pretty simple person. I can live just fine without things many people think of as essential. I have always felt like wanting too much can put a lot of stress on my life, so I have always found it important to seek what makes me happy first. To this approach, there are obviously drawbacks at times, and I am not going to lie, but I also have had it pretty good at times too. A good example of this was, several years ago, when a hurricane all but destroyed my dad’s home, whom I was living with at the time. While the house was still technically livable, it had no interior drywall left, except around the home’s bathroom, and it had no heating and cooling. While it still had electricity, walls around the bathrooms, appliances, and no structural damage, the HVAC system was non-operational. It also took a while for my Dad to get the insurance money for the house, so fixing things such as the walls and HVAC system took over a year. Now, for some people, this might not seem like the best of living conditions, especially due to having no climate control, however, for me it was a great place to save money on living expenses and have a place to myself. So even though I didn’t have luxuries like modern heating and cooling, I had a house to myself at a young age. I had friends over often who didn’t mind not having heating and cooling either. As bad as the summer heat was though, I remember the struggle in the winter, in terms of not having a central heater, as being the worst part of the whole experience.

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