My girlfriend Wanda definitely thinks I am way more handy than I am. She always tries to get me to repair our home before I call in the professional. She thinks I have the skills and we can save the money. I don’t have any skills, I can google and sometimes make things work. The most recent job Wanda threw me into was the worst. Wanda and I both want a ductless HVAC system in our home. We both agree a ductless mini split will work better. Ductless HVAC is cleaner, more efficient and less invasive to a home. I want to just rip out our central HVAC and block off our ductwork. It is easy to close a vent and say goodbye. Wanda wants me to completely remove the air ducts. She says that critters will find ways inside out HVAC ducts and cause damage. She also does not want the ductwork gathering dust and possibly allowing in cold air. She wants to have me do the ductwork removal too. I don’t think I can take out air ducts. First, you have to rip down your walls and ceiling. Next, you have to remove the eight inch metal piping without ripping down your house too. Then, you have to dispose of the ductwork somewhere. After this, the walls and ceiling have to go back up. I don’t even think I can rip down a ceiling correctly. What chance do I have at removing the ductwork? I know I am going to cause our house to collapse. I think I might secretly call in a HVAC professional.

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