My best friend & I are on a local floor hockey team. Our team has been doing really well this time, plus both of our pals & I have made it to the final game. When it came time for the last match of the season, our pals plus I were practicing once a day after school. A few afternoons before the last big final game, the Heating, Ventilation & cooling system program in our gymnasium started to have some issues. It was really chilly outside, plus all of us did not have any heating. The school janitor tried to repair the Heating, Ventilation & cooling system system, but was not able to. They turned down all gym activities for the rest of the week, plus all of us were worried they would cancel our floor hockey team practice as well. All of us do not have any other place to do our stickhandling, so the gym is our only spot. My coach worked a deal with the landlord, so all of us could still practice in the gym separate from the Heating, Ventilation & cooling system program working. It was severely cold in the gym for practice. My buddies plus I were playing floor hockey in sweatpants plus sweatshirts. Some men and women were not glad about the Heating, Ventilation & cooling system, but it did not stop our friends plus I from playing floor hockey for hours preparing for that final game of the season. The team and I practiced in that frosty gym for 3 days before we were game ready.

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