My son turned 15 last month and we have been practicing driving for his exam. In our state, young boys and girls can receive their driver’s license at 15 and a half years old. My son is an exceptional driver but he often forgets to use his turn signal. Last weekend, we were driving on the interstate for the first time. My son was obeying the speed limit but every car around us was zooming by. My son was attempting to change lanes when a big truck came barreling up behind us. The truck didn’t bother using his turn signal so my son didn’t realize he was switching lanes. The truck and my son both collided at the same time. Luckily, none of the parties involved received any life-threatening injuries. The driver of the truck was carrying boxes of air filters. When the truck collided with our car, three of the boxes fell out of the back on to the ground. There were dozens of air filters flying around everywhere. Since the air filters have very little weight, they were landing on everything. The whole mess was a giant fiasco. When the police and fire crew arrived, they cleared the interstate for 10 minutes. They had firefighters frantically running around the highway, trying to gather up all of the air filters. The driver of the truck was given a ticket for failure to use his turn signal. My son was very shaken but I used the experience as a teaching tool. I don’t think he will ever forget to use his turn signal again.

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