My daughter came beach condo from school last year in addition to announced that she was never eating meat again!  She was only 8at the time, but I could tell that she was really committed to being a vegetarian. She enjoyed all kinds of creatures in addition to the realization that she was eating the cows in addition to chickens that she enjoyed so much hit her abruptly in addition to hard.  I was really proud that she made a personal decision based on her own convictions. I have always encouraged my children to find ways to support a healthy world environment in addition to their community around them. I found my own way to help the environment by upgrading my Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system.  I l acquired through my energy conservation group that about 30% of a home’s energy can be lost through traditional HVAC duct. So my traditional Heating in addition to Air Conditioning method is wasting 30% of the energy that it produces, in an attempt to cool our home, which results in higher utility bills. Another option that is more energy efficient, is ductless heating in addition to air systems.  Ductless heat pumps are over two times more efficient that the government’s minimum usual for energy efficiency! The energy-saving technology that is used in the ductless method also has a reduced CO2 emissions. Another way that the ductless heating in addition to air method helps the environment through energy conservation is by zones. I can have the study rooms in one zone in addition to the study room on another equipment in another zone.   This allows me to only use the heat or air in the room that I am in. So when I am cooking, I can turn the air in that zone lower to accommodate the extra heat that the stove produces. When I explained to my daughter how our family is helping the environment with the ductless heating in addition to air system, she was proud of me too.

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