For many years I have been completely envious of my oldest brother and his family. It seems like they have everything going for them, and meanwhile I’m just skirting through life, living from paycheck to paycheck. Things definitely aren’t rosy all the time in my world and I want to accomplish the same things my sibling has acquired for himself. Mainly, I want to feel safe and secure and warm. Where does warmth play into this, you ask? Well, the main thing I envy him for is his fantastic home heating system. You see, years ago whenever he moved into his new home, his wife decided that the central heating and cooling system needed to be upgraded. At that point in time they went ahead and installed the most expensive form of heating and cooling that I’m aware of – radiant heated floors. Ever since my feet first touched down on their perfectly tempered floorboards, I’ve known that I needed this in my life. However, I don’t have the thousands of dollars necessary for a full renovation and new heating system. That’s why I figured out how to make my own DIY radiant heated floors for almost no money. First, I acquired a few of those small space heaters with a blowing fan. Next, I gathered some timing switches that most people utilize for programming lights. Finally, I set all the timing switches to 7am and plugged the space heaters into my bedroom and bathroom outlets. Voila! Every morning, like magic, my floors are automatically warm before my toes even touch down. It might not be as sleek as my brother’s house, but my free heating upgrade is working just fine for me.

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