My brother has always been such a show off.  He always had the latest and greatest in whatever he was doing.  There was never a budget. My wife and I are always trying to make our ends meet.  Most of the time our paychecks don’t even stretch to the following week. I was really appalled when he asked us to come over to his house.  He only wanted to brag about how he and his wife had just had radiant heated flooring put into the house. My wife’s dream is to someday have radiant heat in our bedroom and bathroom.  I told her that will be the first thing we do, when we have a few extra dollars. When my brother told me what he paid to have the radiant heating installed, I was taken aback. I had no clue it would be that expensive.  My wife just smiled and told me that she didn’t mind waiting. I hate having cold feet and that night I felt worthless as I watched her running across the bedroom floor to the bathroom. I came home from work the next night, and she was all smiles.  She had gone to the store while I was at work. She had purchased some heating strips that we had seen were on sale. She bought some cheap timers like they use on lights. She had the heat strips laid out in the bedroom and the bathroom and each was attached to a timer.  The heaters turned on before we got up, and I had wonderfully warm feet when I got out of bed. She gave me my radiant heated flooring.

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