I adore my fiance, but sometimes he’s just so stubborn. We’ve been prepping the old lake house we inherited for winter, but aspects of it need more work than he’s willing to admit. He’s a very brilliant man, but being a professor of chemistry does not mean you know everything. The man just has no common sense when it comes to things around the house. We’ve been focusing on getting wood for the woodstove, replacing all of the rotten gaskets and weatherstripping. There were even a few windows that we had to decide to replace or plastic wrap (we’re plastic wrapping and doing new windows in the summer). The final item on the list was the old boiler. This house was built way back in the 50s, and uses an old oil boiler to keep it warm. Now, boilers are great. I actually prefer them over the more modern forced air heating and cooling system you see a lot in the new housing developments. Since a boiler uses hot water and pipes, that lets out heat through radiators throughout the house, they require a lot less maintenance. But less maintenance does not mean zero maintenance. My fiance seems to think if he checks the water balance and cleans the radiators, we’ll be all set. But the oil boiler is a very complicated piece of equipment, and the one in this house is far from new. The property was vacant for over a year, and the last inspection on the card is dated for three years ago. Not only that, but the oil boiler is over thirty years old. I worry that without an inspection, the oil boiler will break down entirely. Then we’ll be stuck with just the wood stove until we can afford the repair bill. I’m hoping the oil boiler can just get us through this winter!

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