Several years ago, my niece posted a post on social media talking about how she repaired her own air conditioning unit. I could not even believe it! Never in a million years would I have ever thought to try to do my own a/c repair, but she did, and her husband did not even help her. She was my inspiration when my a/c seemed to be blowing warm air through the air vents and the house cooling just wasn’t happening. My niece bought her a/c parts off of the famous online retailer and watched an online video teacher her how to replace it. It worked for her, so why not me, right? The first thing I did was shut off the power to the A/C. I called my niece and asked hr advice, and she told me that her friend who is a heating and cooling service tech told her that the first thing to do is make sure the condenser coils are clean. She said if the condenser coils are full of gunk, the extra work the a/c compressor has to do will make it shut down or just be inefficient at cooling. So, I located the condenser coils and even though they seemed clean to me, I decided to be extra sure and clean them anyway. I was very careful to make sure all power sources to the a/c were off! Fortunately for me, after cleaning my condenser coils and turning the a/c back on again, I discovered that in just a short time, the a/c felt cold again! I don’t know if it really counts as a/c repair, but it worked!