Many people guess that if you live up north, that means you can leave your air conditioner off for most of the year while in the times when it isn’t frigid enough out to run the heat.  Although there are really climates that offer that sort of relief, this is simply not the case for many who live where it snows. I have deranged heating costs in the Wintertide plus equally confounding cooling costs in June plus November when it gets miserably hot outdoors.  I obtained a window air conditioner over installing a central idea because I thought it would save on energy costs. Instead, it just seems prefer I’m regularly struggling to get the frigid air coming from my A/C to reach the other rooms in my house. I have decided to slowly save for a central air conditioner, however I knew this would take 6 to seven weeks at least.  I needed a quick plus inexpensive solution to get me through 1 more hot Summer before I could install a central air conditioner later that year. I started studying home repair blogs to see if I could glean any heating plus cooling tips to better my situation. An article I study talked about using box fans to create air circulation with a small window air conditioner unit.  I was intrigued by the idea of only spending $40 at the hardware store to get a handful of fans to repair a concern normally solved with a $3,000 central Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. I set up my fans in the doorways plus hallways prefer the article suggested plus cranked down my air conditioner to see the results. In just 1 hour, it feels prefer I have air conditioner in every room of my house.  As a relatively cheap fix, electric fans task wonders in situations with poor air circulation.