My partner and I are big fans of technology and both of us like having the newest forms of technology at our fingertips.  We’re always on top of the newest and best smartphones, tech toys, and gadgets. Some might consider it a drawback and that we’re obsessed, however but we don’t see it that way. We prefer to be in the loop with the cool new things and improvements with technology. New advances are truly remarkable, and we’re bringing every aspect into our lives. The next project of our is that we’ll be installing smart thermostat control units in our home next week. We’re so happy about it. There has been too many instances where we’ve forgotten to turn off the heating or a/c in our home before leaving the house. With how extreme the temperatures can be in our region of the country, the energy bills can take their toll if we aren’t careful. It will be refreshing to be able to adjust the heating or cooling at any point in the day, even when we’re not at the house by using our smartphones. If we’re on the way home on a particularly warm day, I’ll simply use my phone and turn on the a/c on the way home. Then when I get there, the temperature is at a comfortable, cool setting right as I walk in the door. The same could be done on frosty and chilly mornings with the heating. Technology is so great, and syncing it to our HVAC system is so cool!

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