My buddy plus I task at a tied up Steak House. My buddy works every weekend, plus I task a lot of shifts as well, however right now is the holiday season, plus everyone is definitely working a bunch of hours. My buddy plus I have been raking in the Christmas tips, however around the holidays, it seems care about people are a little more generous with their wallet. Last Saturday night, the two of us had a lot of tied up tables plus a line of people waiting to be seated. The indoor temperature started to get warmer plus warmer! Finally, the bartender observed no air flow from the air vents in the bar. The hostess ran tests on a few of the other air vents, plus found no airflow as well. Every one of us were packed with a hungry crowd, plus the air conditioning system wasn’t definitely working. Luckily, our living room supervisor also has some knowledge of heating plus A/C system units. He looked at the air conditioning system unit plus found it was completely Frozen. The air conditioning system unit must have been definitely working overtime, plus it could not handle the load; Gustavo told all of us that the air conditioning system unit would need to thaw out, before it would task respectfully again. Every one of us had to issue a lot of apologies, plus the two of us gave out hundreds of dollars in free appetizers. Luckily, the outdoor temperatures weren’t too moderate plus humid. Every one of us kept the front doors open for a light breeze, plus some people still stayed to eat. Some customers took orders to go, plus a few others decided to go somewhere else. For a tied up night, things could have gone a lot worse.

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