My husband recently spilled his pop all over our gas fireplace. It looks awful, however there is nothing that I can do. I live up north, so when the gas furnace is on, it stays on. Essentially, northerners turn on the gas heating units right when Fall arrives, and only stop the heating in the beginning of Summer. 8-10 solid weeks are dedicated to heating, then we can’t turn off the furnace even for a minute, or the whole condo will seem icy cold. My gas fireplace has a sizable glass plate over it, and the fireplace has a fake wood burning fire. It sounds silly, however it is genuinely pretty classy. It looks pretty real and makes the condo seem homey. Because I am throwing Christmas at our house, I was looking forward to our fireplace being a nice point, however with pop all over it, it looks horrible. The pop has etched onto the glass plate and has totally covered the fire. It looks cheap, dirty, and disgusting. I badly want to wipe the heater before I have the whole family over. But, in order to wipe it safely, I need the furnace to be off for quite some time. I would need multiple minutes of it just cooling down. Then it would take myself and others around a few hours to wipe the entire thing top to bottom. I can’t leave our furnace off for multiple hours though. It is only 13 degrees outside. My kids would die in the condo. Plus, I can’t expect our dog to go separate from any heating.

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