My partner travels a lot for work. I am a stay at beach home mom with our 2 kiddos so both of us are able to travel with our partner. Both of us transfer around so much that both of us don’t own a house. Both of us transfer from state to state every few years so renting place’s is just easier for us. It’s truly hard on the men when both of us transfer so much however they’re pretty young. Hopefully by the time they get into middle school our partner can find a task that both of us can live in for good. Anyways, both of us just moved into another rental house, and our rental home was just built about a year ago so everything in it is new. It was pretty nice living in such a clean house. It was hard getting used to all the substituted technology in our home though. One of our number one things in this rental home that i loved the most was the smart thermostat. I love how fast technology advances. A smart thermostat allows me to monitor and control our home’s temperature from our smart PC. My smart thermostat l acquired our behavior. It monitors temperature, humidity outside our home, when i leave our home and when i come back. It will change the heating and cooling cycles accordingly. I guess that this is awesome because now both of us can save a lot of currency on our heating bills; No need for the heat to be running if both of us aren’t home! It’s going to be truly hard for me to leave this rental home when it’s time for us to transfer again.