I used to live down in the southern section of the country where it’s entirely warm. I lived close to Tampa Bay, Florida, which is a rather sizable tourist area. I didn’t grow up in the Tampa Bay area, but I moved there for a job position when I first got out of college back in the 90s. I was pretty shocked when I was provided a job in Tampa Bay, since I was from the northern section of the country where it was always so cold. I didn’t even know a thing about living someplace with appealing warm weather! I learned all about the Tampa, Florida area of the country plus I knew that the weather conditions there were entirely temperate, warm, plus sunny for most of the year. I became rather gleeful about the opportunity of living in Tampa, Florida, plus I started getting all kinds of clothes plus shoes that would be superb for living in the Florida area. I was even accused of putting the cart before the horse, but eventually everything did work out plus I moved down to Tampa Bay from my dwelling up north. Living in the Tampa section of the country down in Florida was a totally unusual experience from what I was used to. I wasn’t in need of a coat down there, much less gloves plus boots plus warm hats just like I constantly had to use growing up as a youngster in the northern section of the country. Tampa Bay was a very new kind of world for me. I enjoyed living where it was entirely warm plus sunny, plus I enjoyed the city of Tampa Bay, Florida immensely. I would still be living down there if it were up to me, but regrettably, I got fired from that job a few years ago. I had to transport back to my childhood dwelling plus that’s where I am staying now, even though the Tampa Bay section of the country still calls to me often!