I enjoy riding around with the top down. It’s the biggest reason why I decided to buy a convertible. I liked trucks a lot, however I liked the plan of the wind in our hair. The Summer as well as Spring months are unbelievable for riding around the countryside. I love to stink the salty sea air as well as the blades of grass, some of our friend sand I drive the convertible to the freeway, so the two of us can drive fast with the top down. Riding around with the top down, requires an air conditioner that works really well; On some tepid Summer days, I have to run the air conditioner on the highest setting. I suppose it’s a waste of the air conditioner, however it’s too tepid to ride separate from some type of cool air hitting me in the face. The air conditioner used to be ice cold, however lately, it seems to be lukewarm. My car is only a few years outdated as well as still under the manufacturer’s warranty. I am sure they would service the complication with the air conditioner, if I took the car to the dealership.The biggest complication is going separate from our own car for a week. I do not want to have a rental for a long stage of time. I will miss having the wind in our hair, because the rental agency won’t spend our money for a convertible. I think the whole rule is bogus, because our insurance already covers our own convertible. If I have a covered service love the air conditioner, then I should be able to have a rental car that is exactly love the one I lost.

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