Well, I met the most unlikely of business partners when I gave this homeless guy some money the other day. We got to talking, and I learned he used to work for a big time Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation in town. He was let go, sadly, due to drugs and drinking that got out of hand. He has since been off the drugs, though he still enjoyed the drink when he could afford it. The guy was truthfully like an old friend as I talked more with him, and I knew all about friends with drinking issues. I decided to bring the guy back home, and asked if he could check out my Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I was experiencing complications, and I was considering calling a Heating and Air Conditioning company, but here was this guy who would really be happy to work if it meant an immediate payoff. I let him use my tools, and he inspected my Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit with bright eyes. There were some parts that needed to be replaced, according to him, and he knew exactly what was needed and where the parts went. He thoroughly cleaned out the system too, and could clean the ductwork of the ventilation system as well if I had the right extension for a vacuum! This guy was no joke. I decided to make a deal with him – if I could help him find work and let him crash on my couch for a little while, he and I could be roommates. I’ve never seen someone so eager to work in my life!

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