When I was in my late teens right out of school, I worked in a factory. Most people when they think about people working in factories, they think about making food items pre packaged, maybe making tires and car parts and things of the liking. But, I worked in a factory that made spare heating and cooling parts! Working in a factory that made different air conditioning, heater, furnace and even boiler parts was an interesting job to say the least! It was really educational to see the different little metal pieces and parts that made a heating and cooling system work. None the less, actually making them on the factory belts and production line! The factory distributed privately to all the heating and cooling specialists in the area. Not just the commercial regular heating and cooling specialists and corporations, but even to the certified heating and cooling specialists who ran their own mom and pop businesses. Also known as heating and cooling contractors, they would always come to pick up the parts they needed to have on hand for their different HVAC repair calls they would get. They would pay ahead of time for all the air conditioning and heating parts, and when their order was complete and everything they needed was freshly manufactured here, they would come get them in this big box that was professionally pre packed by workers in the factory who just did the packing work. It was an interesting job all around. So much, that today I am a certified heating and cooling specialist myself, and I go to the same factory to get all my spare HVAC parts.

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