I job at a paper supplier and I have been a paper salesman for the better section of the last 10 years. I prefer everything about my job. Well, almost everything about my job. The supplier that I job at shares a building with another paper distribution supplier, and they happen to be our number 1 rivals in our locality. The two of us usually don’t have to interact with them truly much but occasionally both of us will cross paths when heading into the building at the start of the job afternoon. I try to be courteous but deep down, I suppose that they are directly under breaking my sales. The two of us not only share a building together but both of us share our HVAC system with each other. It makes sense, after all, it would be silly for us to have more than 1 HVAC system for a medium sized office building. Occasionally, both of us get into arguments over what the temperature should be set at. I have always said that they were cold blooded sarcastically, but once they started requesting the temperature stay at sixty degrees, year round, I started believing it myself, however my coworkers and I all agree that the temperature should be set at a comfortable seventy many degrees, especially while in the Summer where keeping the building cold can be extravagant. In the end, both of us have agreed to keep the temperature around sixty multiple degrees, which I guess is a honorable compromise for everyone involved. The two of us may have figured out how to share our HVAC system with them but there is no way that both of us will be sharing our sales with them.

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