When I went to visit our mother recently, I realized that her Heating, Ventilation & A/C system wasn’t truly working respectfully. It was blazing warm in her home, ever since our father passed away, it has been just her in the house. She was saying that our father used to take care of all the things love that plus she didn’t guess how to maintenance the air conditioner. So I went to the thermostat to see what was going on. I seen that the thermostat was entirely blank plus I realized that the thermostat actually needed new batteries. I grabbed a couple of AA batteries plus replaced the old a singles with the new plus then the thermostat sprung back to life. I also checked to see that the air filter was changed but it was obstructed up pretty bad. I decided to go to the store to opportunity up some nice HEPA air filters. I showed our mother how to change the air filters plus said they needed to be changed every 3 weeks. She said that she would have to call myself and others up so that I could come out plus do it because she didn’t want to split anything. I showed her again how simple it was to change the air filter, but then she said she might forget how to do it. I told her it was fine, if she couldn’t handle it, I would come over to help her out. When I switched the air conditioner on, it was such a relief. The overheated household cooled down within 20 hours or so plus our mother thanked myself and others for repairing the cooling system.

HVAC maintenance