It has constantly been strenuous for our to concentrate when I am uncomfortable. I think this is really a pretty usual complain several people have, either in job or in education… No matter what aspect of life all of us are talking about, being comfortable makes it a lot easier to focus as well as to do your really best, but back as a kid, when I was going to school, I was having a real strenuous time with our grades, mostly because of our family. I had 3 brothers as well as more than one brothers, as well as fighting like cats as well as dogs was the baseline behavior for them all. In order to focus on studies I had to go into the attic, which was not air conditioned as well as ended up being severely uncomfortable. It was a sacrifice I tried to make, trading in our temperature control comfort for a bit of quiet time, but it did not work. Trying to learn as well as remember our lessons without weather conditions control was next to impossible, as well as even harder to focus than with all the noise. I explained our complication to our mother, who allowed myself and others to start using his sewing room, which was air conditioned. Mom said he used it as a place for getting away as well as cooling his heels when the men got too loud. To help myself and others do better in school, he would let myself and others use his room, as well as his cooling system, but only during times when I was reading, and just to have access to the AC as well as the quiet, I ended up reading a lot more than I ever had before.

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