We all should treasure antiques passed down from generation to generation. For me, that treasure is a painting that was made by my lovely late grandfather. A true artist years ahead of his time, my grandfather’s paintings have sold for a wonderful deal of money over the years. This one painting was his all-time favorite, as it was for me, too! I wanted to keep it preserved in pristine condition while we held it in my home, so I decided to work with the Heating & Air Conditioning service company to have zone-control heating and air conditioning installed in my house. Using it, I could keep my study at the exact temperature and humidity settings that are perfect for preservation of art like this. Using the humidifier to keep the humidity levels just right helps immensely to preserve the quality of the masterpiece, too – and I don’t want the painting to become overly dry or too moist! I want that beautiful work of art to last through the ages, though family members may come by and relax near the painting, reaching out to touch it and getting too familiar with it! I usually distract them by mentioning the phenomenal air quality in my study, as the air quality isn’t quite as nice throughout the house due to the zone-control system’s effects. I have explained to people that I like to utilize Heating & Air Conditioning zone control to keep the painting in the perfect condition, though I admit that careful treatments also help immensely to ensure we don’t lose this art to the tests of time. My only regret with the zone-control HVAC system is not having it setup for the rest of the house, as I would love to have this kind of air quality throughout my home!

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