I live in a southern state that entirely never experiences cold weather, if we do get a “cold front” it will normally only drop to seventy degrees. I don’t even own a common Winter coat and forget about having any way to heat our beach house if we ever did get drastic cold weather, and most people I suppose don’t have a oil furnace of any kind in their homes, not even a area heating system for back up. The people I was with and I entirely don’t need a oil furnace in this area, however that was all about to change. The weather guy was predicting this weekend we would get the first snow flurries this neighborhood had ever seen. I could not guess that we were going to get snow, it was care about a dream come true because I have never seen snow! However, despite our excitement I knew there would be things I had to prepare, and for starters, I needed to go out and purchase a area heating system for all the rooms in our house. I live in a pretty small place so I won’t need more than 3 area heaters. I was anxious that once I got to the store they would be all out of area heaters, however to our luck there were exactly 3 area furnaces left on the shelf. I loaded them all up in our vehicle and was ready to go test them out; Now all that I need to do is go out and get a sizzling overcoat. The only thing I have to keep me sizzling right now is a light overcoat!

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