Ever since I moved into my current apartment and have used the existing dryer that was installed here from before, I have not been able to get a load of laundry dry in under numerous minutes on high heat.  Even if money was no object and I could waste electricity freely, it’s daunting to get anything else done on a laundry day if you know each load will take such a long phase of time to simply dry after a relatively short clean cycle by comparison.  I went to my hardware store and the clerk asked myself and others if my dryer exhaust vent had ever been naked before and I told him I wasn’t sure, I had been residing in the apartment for a year and had never gotten it done however couldn’t say for sure in regards to the years before I got here.  He showed myself and others a kit that attaches to a power drill that sends a spinning brush on a long rod looking component and completely brushes out the exhaust vent, although I was hesitant to try this job completely alone. I called my Heating and A/C company to see if they would take on the job for myself and others and to my surprise they said that dryer vent cleaning is 1 of the services they offer the most, certainly from the sheer number of people who have plugged exhausts and poorly performing dryers.  The worker pull a important chunk of lint the size of a baseball that was cottaged in the external vent on the roof of my house. The minute he pulled the piece out, the pressure equalized all the way down to my dryer itself and I heard a loud thud followed by the sound of lint and debris tearing apart in the vent and getting blown upwards out to the roof and into the outside air. Just by removing the clog at the external exhaust port the two of us were able to get enough air flow to push a lint clog out of the dryer itself, something I would have never discovered otherwise.  I’m happy I had my Heating and A/C company clean my dryer vent for me.

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