When my dog died, I was so sad. I was the only one there as he died in my arms. Friends of mine tried to cheer me up, but I didn’t want to talk to anybody or even hang out. I buried my dog in the backyard with a little marker for him. It was a little cross with his name on it. I said a prayer for him and I cried like a baby. For a long while I just couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything except for go to work and come back home. Even my boss was concerned because I wasn’t as upbeat as I usually am and it seemed that my work performance was a bit affected as well. When I told him that my dog had died, he then understood what was going on. He said if I wanted I could take some time off and it wouldn’t be a problem. I told him I would be fine and continued to work. Well for months, I hadn’t even changed the air filter to my HVAC system and my place was becoming a dusty mess. Finally some friends just came to my door and said no excuses, we were hanging out. When they came inside my house, my one friend was saying the air quality was absolutely terrible. I mentioned that I hadn’t changed the air filter in quite some time. He said he happened to have some extra air filters in his car so he grabbed them. The air quality improved a great deal with the new air filter and I figured some ductwork cleaning would improve my HVAC machine and get it working even better. I was lucky to have such great friends and we had a good time that night.